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Angel Wings

Angel Wings

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Introducing our enchanting Light-Up Angel Wings – the perfect accessory to add a touch of celestial elegance to your attire and make any occasion truly magical. Whether you're preparing for a Christmas party, masquerade ball, Carnival celebration, a whimsical dance, a wedding, or any other special event, these wings will make you look and feel absolutely heavenly.

Natural Feather Beauty: Crafted with natural feathers that have undergone meticulous disinfection and dyeing treatments, these wings ensure both safety and eco-friendliness. You can revel in the ethereal aura they exude, knowing they've been created with care.

Durability and Colorfast: These wings are not only a vision of beauty but also built to last. They are designed to resist color fading, ensuring you can enjoy their charm for many events to come.

Lightweight and Comfortable: Wear them effortlessly with elastic straps that gracefully drape over your shoulders, providing the sensation of carrying a dreamy bag. You won't even notice you're wearing them, yet everyone else certainly will!

Three Mesmerizing Light Modes: Illuminate your presence with three captivating light modes - choose from steady on, quick-flashing for a dazzling spectacle, or slow-flashing for a subtle, ethereal glow. Powered by cell batteries (included and replaceable), you can easily keep the radiance alive all night long.

Complete Angelic Look: Included with these wings, you'll find a headband, bag, and wands, each thoughtfully designed to complement your celestial ensemble. They're all one size fits all and conveniently powered by button batteries, which are also included and replaceable.

Specifications (Sizes):
- Small (S): 66 x 35 cm (24 x 13.7 inches) - Ideal for those with a height between 80-130 cm.
- Medium (M): 80 x 40 cm (31 x 16.5 inches) - Perfect for individuals with a height between 100-150 cm.
- Large (L): 115 x 45 cm (44.9 x 17.6 inches) - Designed for those with a height above 150 cm.

Embrace the enchantment of our Light-Up Angel Wings and radiate the grace and splendor of an angel. These wings will take your costume to new heights, making you look and feel heaven-sent. Order yours today and prepare to dazzle the world with your ethereal presence!
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